Lakeside Radiators

Lakeside Radaitors Joondalup

Unit 2/12 Ascari Lane, Joondalup, Perth, WA  6027

For good quality repairs, new radiators, and services to your car's radiator or air- conditioning somewhere local, look no further than

Lakeside Radiators - located right next to Joondalup shopping centre and train station, behind the 'Home Hardware' store.


 Lakeside Radiators was established in 1998 by Gavin, specialising in a large range of radiators and air conditioning, parts (both new and second hand), repairs and installations.  Lookout for this little orange Morris  parked out the frount when trying to locate the work shop.

 We deal in a large range of radiators from aluminium, brass, copper and steel delivered by our friendly and helpful staff all over the northern suburbs.



  • "Great team, friendly service, they really looked after me. Even drove me and the kids home then brang the car back to fix it"
  • "My Hilux top head of the radiator cracked. gav managed to fix it up for me quickly and at a lower price then i had been quoted at other shops."
  • "I dont know a lot a about cars, but Gav deffinately knows his radiaors. When I came in with no idea why my car was overheating, he fixed it within a few hours while I was at the..."